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I offer boutiques/businesses/brands the option to send me their product(s) (that I hand pick, to be sure it flows with my style and is cohesive) to model, style, and promote on my blog, Instagram and all my other social media platforms - @ShamelesslyFabylous . Your Label will be permanently promoted and linked for my viewers on my blog and all the other social media platforms mentioned above. This will include a full styled look, with follow-up closeup posts of the product and further links and mentions when I use the product with future outfits and flat lays solely mentioning your brand (there may be other brands tagged in the photo, but only yours will be tagged in the caption).

I adhere to FTC guidelines and whenever I promote a brand or product, I do mention at the bottom of the post that it is a sponsored post to keep both the brand and myself playing by FTC rules.

The photos will be taken by my very own professional photographer in high resolution, and if requested can be sent to you to use on your social media platforms and blog. I do not buy followers, and I have a high engagement ratio based on my following. If you feel I would be a good fit for your brand, then I would love to collaborate with you guys! 

Please contact me to learn about my fees.

I only choose to  work with brands that I admire, reflect my aesthetic, and would shop from regardless of a collaboration or sponsorship.

If you would like to  use my images, please make sure you link back to my site.

For all collaborations, media and any other inquiries or comments, please feel free to contact me at
Thank You!

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