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Hi guys, welcome to my Shamelessly Fabylous life as Faby (pronounced like Abby but with an F!). My blog is a much needed creative outlet where I can express myself with no fucks given, show you guys some awesome how-to's, fashion trends, and basically anything that I feel is useful, fun, and informative for you as a reader and a friend.  Beside being the writer and author of this blog,  I am also owner of Sincerely, Not, a mother, a wife, daughter, sister and cool ass friend to have around!  This is how I take on life. 

If you are a bit curious as to why I named my blog 'Shamelessly Fabylous,' I feel the name for the blog came naturally; a combo between my given birth name; Fabiola with a life-long nickname of Faby, and the way I take on life in general; Shamelessly.

Thank you much for taking the time to stop and say hello, read about my fabylous and not so fabylous thoughts and musings, and hopefully you'll get some outfit inspo, and a good laugh from time to time.

Some random facts about myself: 
  • Yes, I am one of those loud, rowdy, cool Mexicans.
  • I always tend to speak my mind, I don't sugar coat shit, and I try my best to be politically correct without offending others with my brutal and shameless honesty.
  • My fashion inspos: a mix between Olivia Palermo & Kate Moss.
  • I drink coffee and wine religiously, and highly dislike water. 
  • My glass is always full.
  • Yes, I smoke; not cool, but it is what it is.  
  • I am easily bored and loathe routine.
  • I'm happiest at the beach, any beach - (SoCal and Baja Native) Go figure..
  • I consider any temperature under 70 °F  (21.1 °C) freezing weather.
  • I feel sleeping is a waste of time, but don't you dare wake me up in the morning.
  • I prefer heels over tennis shoes, and will dress up to go to the nearest convenience store.
  • I can't do my hair, makeup or nails even if my life depended on it. So usually my hair is straight with bangs or sans-bangs or in a ponytail. Most of the time I wear read nails and lipstick.
  • I am easily bribed with chocolate, coffee and wine.
  • I can't live without tacos, and feel they should be considered a food group. 
  • My  fave colors are black, black, white, black, gold, black and pink.
  • I don't like watching TV but I LOVE a good read. (Any good book recommendations?)
  • I work best under stress, and need to multi-task always.
  • I am too, too honest sometimes, and that gets me in trouble lots of times. But hey, I would rather tell you about that cilantro between your teeth, and booger  hanging out of your nose, rather than have you walking around like a dork all day. You're welcome!
  • I am Shamelessly Fabylous! 

I hope you enjoy my blog. If you do, leave your comments or send me a message to say hello or to contact me for any collabs . Check out my life according to my phone on Instagram @ShamelesslyFabylous and on SnapChat: @FabyAlvarado




  1. Hello!
    Great blog you have!
    Love your style and look and photography!
    May I ask what market or city you are in please?
    I may a have a collaboration project I would like to discuss with you.
    Again great job and thank you for sharing

    Don Hawks


Hey babe, would love to hear from you! x0x0 - Faby