How to Wear Summer's Ruffle Trend

They say fashion recycles itself, and I obviously couldn't agree more, but lately it seems fashion is recycling itself at lightning speed, especially because of high-street fashion trends and fast fashion retailers popping up everywhere. I have to say I love it because it allows each individual to experiment with different trends and aesthetics, then choose what feels best with their personal style. On the other hand... It's obvious that generations change, and what 20 year-olds are wearing nowadays and think is beyond cool, seems that a lot of us have already been there, and done that and it can get pretty boring looking at a parade of 20 year-olds all wearing the same look in different colors.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with fashion recycling, but what I would love to see is a spin on the current fashion trends with a sprinkle of originality and newness. On a personal level, I need constant change and feel some trends need to say: Bye, bitch! What is awesome is adopting a trend that you love and incorporating it with your own style.

I feel there are some exceptions though. There are some trends that can be timeless such as ruffles. They're currently popping up on sleeves, embellishing shoulders, pretty dresses, frilly skirts and hanging out on pant hemlines in every possible way known to man kind. Historically, ruffles were unisex and were worn by queens, kings, and soldiers way back before you made your appearance on earth, and came to the conclusion that you would adopt the ruffle trend.

What I absolutely love about ruffles is that they add personality to any outfit because they come in various widths, sizes and textures. They can make or break an outfit if worn excessively, or make you feel girly when wearing a bouncy ruffled skirt, or elegant when wearing a bias cut dress with ruffles. The possibilities are endless when layered under or over other pieces of clothing you already own as shown on the pics above. What I do recommend is having fun with ruffles and experimenting with what works best with your body type so that you feel and look your best! Feel free to wear ruffles on ruffles, a ruffled skirt with a  plain tee to dress down your outfit, a frilly ruffled top with jeans or a ruffled dress with sneakers. Individualism, originality and creativity are everything!

What I Wore: 

Ruffled top: Caroline Constas 
Black strapless top: Express (bought in 1997ish... good luck with that) BUT, any black strapless top will do!
Clutch:  Emm Kuo
Mules: French Connection
Pants: Old

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for life according to my phone.

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  1. You look amazing girl. Love this outfit! SOOOO CUTE!
    Thanks for sharing!
    much love, Linda

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  2. I love the top and dress! Great combination!

  3. Wow, that's a pretty outfit! Of course, you look gorgeous!


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