How to Transition Your Winter Outfits to Spring

Hello beautiful people! Finally, finally the time has come when I no longer  have to wear layers and layers of clothing and risk looking like the Pillsbury Boy! I also get to wake up with beautiful bird chirping sounds versus the annoying sound of rainfall but that's another story.

The fact that spring is in the air does mean that chilly weather is non-existent, and because of that we still have to plan and dress accordingly. It does not mean you should stash away all your winter clothing because you will still need the occasional coat and sweater to wear with your cute bottoms.

The best way to transition your wardrobe is to keep a few key pieces ready to wear just in case you do get a  bit chilly like I do.

  •  A neutral colored coat that you can easily put on or take off during the day. 
  • Knee high boots in either black, gray or beige that you can wear with spring's best frocks.
  • A couple of neutral colored sweaters that you can mix and match with your bottoms like I did in the pictures above.  (my sweater is currently on sale!)
  • Long sleeve button downs that you can layer over or under other tops or wear with the sleeves rolled up. 
  • A must have denim jacket for all types of weather. 
Store Away:  
  • Any Furry coats unless you want to look ridiculous and not dressed for the season.
  • Long wool coats.
  • Heavy knit scarves.
  • You can switch out your knit beanies for cool summer style hats.
  • Your long leather riding boots.
Just make sure you don't throw out or donate any of your classic winter pieces because rest assured you will need them next winter!
What I wore: 
Black Choker Zipper Sweater from Zaful (currently on sale)! similar here and here
Black Faux Leather paper bag shorts from Zara 
Coat and black thigh high boots are from last  winter.
Scarve: Vintage from my grandma's closet. (true story babe)

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