The Only Little White Dress You'll Need This Summer

Hi babes, how's summer been treating you all? Mine's been awesome so far although I won't be making it to Fiji this year because you know...  the usual; it's to darn hot to pack my outfits and my private jet broke down so I'm stuck in the city! HAHA! But because it's almost the weekend  I'm so ready to hit the beach to get some much needed vitamin sea and to get my tan on. Wishful thinking takes me back to this past weekend when I wore this AMAZING and beautiful little white Biemei dress from Dezzal that I'm enamored with! The best part is that it's currently on sale for less than  $100dlls.! 

You guys, an awesome fact about is that it  has so many fashion lines to choose from that you'll definitely fall in love with not one but a lot of amazing pieces. My all time favorite collection is Howl, and some of my favorite pieces are from the Misspeony, Biemei, Hoyugo, Mebymeroz and don't  miss out on there must-have accessories; their bags are adorbs! Checkout the links at the bottom of this post for some of my favorite pieces.

Anyway, back to my favorite dress of the moment... so one of the cool things about this dress is that it literally just hangs from my body, shows off my shoulders, and because I'm one of those mortals inhabiting this earth, I don't have to worry about not breathing while sucking in my tummy so it definitely gets major points for that! The material is super soft and amazing quality, it is fully lined and not see through  at all  which I absolutely love. The pockets score  major  points as well because who doesn't love a dress with pockets right?! But, the most beautiful part of this dress and the main reason I cannot and will not get over it is the delicate layer of lace that covers the bodice and the front panel of the dress; I LOVE IT! 

On this occasion I literally just put it on without any added accessories because I wanted the dress to be the main  focus.  I just added some Ray-Bans and Michael Kors sandals to finish my look, but the cool part about it is that you can dress it down and wear at the beach, or dress it up with killer heels and take it out for a fun  summer night in the city. You guys, I hope Summer never ends so that I can keep wearing it non-stop! 

Make sure to take a look below because I added some of my other favorite pieces from Dezzal  that I'm sure you'll love and will want to snag before they're gone!

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for life according to my phone. 

What I Wore: 
Michael Kors Sandals
Ray-Ban Sunnies

What to Buy at!! 

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