The Shirt Dress


So what about the shirt dress? Well for one, it's a no brainer because it's like wearing your PJ's all day with a cool bag in hand and awesome shoes to kick it with! You'll looked polished without even trying and you don't even have to worry or put any effort into your morning bed hair; that's a fact, babe! 

Because this classic silhouette has quickly become a trend, you'll find them in a variety of prints, colors, shapes... and you get the picture. The best part is that they complement every body shape out there! Start by looking in the other side of your closet and play around with your man's button down shirts. If they're too loose, just belt it and you're good to go. If that doesn't work, there is plan B, C, D and a few styles I personally love and picked out below. You're welcome! 

Comment below and let me know how you style your shirt dress. x0x0 - Faby

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for life according to my phone. 

What I Wore: 
Very J Long Sleeve Shirt Dress similar here 
Clare Vivier Clutch
French Connection Leather Mules

Get The Look: 

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  1. Love this look! So chic <3

    Vanessa from

  2. You absolutely don't want to wear last season's dress to a chic party? Thus you need to dress in stylish and fashion-forward evening dress.

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