Casual Outfit for Summer Weekends

Weekends and Summers were made to have fun and relax with good music, delicious drinks and amazing company and not to fuzz about the smaller things in life such as what to wear next. Oh, and they were also made to stay at home all day if you little heart desires and that's were I'm currently at!

 Los fines de semana y el verano fueron hechos para divertirse y relajarse con buenas rolas y unos cuantos drinks con amig@s, y no para hacerla de emoción sobre las cosas pequeñas tal como que atuendo deberíamos de usar. A y tambien se inventaron para poder quedarse en la cama de flojos todo el dia que es donde actualmente me encuentro yo!

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for life according to my phone. 
What I Wore: 
Zara Lace Up Top (sold out but similar below)
Public Desire Shoes
Denim Shorts

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  1. Great look- love the combo! <3

    xo Vanessa from

  2. Very nice easy look :)

    Federica Di Nardo


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