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I finally had some time to catch up with my blog this three-day weekend, some much needed me time to catch up on reading time, a mani and pedi, closet editing, job hunting, and not to mention shameless sleep-in hours. I really wanted to update my tan but with this bipolar PMS-ing San Diego weather hitting the beach was not really an option. 

So in between all the Sophie Kinsella books I read, and because shopping wasn't an option this weekend,  I managed to photo shoot a couple of outfits including this one. My outfit is pretty  simple, and I just added a few key accessories to bring the ensemble together such as a hat and scarf. Mind you that because I edited my closet this weekend everything I'm wearing I've owned for quite some time, with the exception of the jeans that I found and hadn't worn  before. 

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for life according to my phone. 

What I Wore: 
Jeans: Zara
Top: Very J
Scarf: Grandmas' Closet
Belt: Levi's and Belongs to my Babe
Shoes: You can't see them but they're French Connection Mules
Hat: Old

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