How to Wear Summer Whites

The best thing about having a personal blog is that I get to speak my mind and I remember why I started. Because of that I am able to be honest with my posts and stay true to my readers, followers and to myself.

Which brings me to this white dress I'm wearing. 

There's something about wearing  a white dress during the Spring/Summer seasons. So when I was kindly asked to choose clothing from the Romwe catalog, I chose this dress. As soon as I saw the pictures I fell in love with the details, the braided belt, the airy material and most of all the color. 

For reasons below, I opted to use a Levi's wide tan belt courtesy of my babe's side of the closet and Steve Madden platform sandals to balance the dress silhouette. I opted for bohemian inspired jewelry; a coral and turquoise choker necklace from Banana Republic and a big coral and turquoise ring that I bought in Puerto Vallarta a couple of summers ago and some big sunnies to hide my lack of sleep. I love wearing white clothes with neutral colored shoes and accessories. If you wear a short white dress, skirt or shorts use nude colored shoes to make your legs look miles long. Extra points if you have an awesome tan going on. 

If you wear dainty flirty dresses and skirts, team them with flirty high heeled sandals for a not-so innocent look.

Okay so back to the long white dress:
It arrived quickly and nicely packaged, however it was missing the braided belt; no big deal. I tried it on and let me tell you that I could've replaced the white sheets on my bed with it; it's super big. I had to leave the tasseled  ties knotted because if not it would fall of my shoulders to my waist and I didn't feel like giving strangers random boob shows. Make sure that if you buy this dress you go one size down or you will swim in it. Which brings me to the next point - It's perfect to wear as a beach cover-up. The dress is not lined and because of this it's very sheer. If you're far from being a prude then just wear it with nude underwear like I did and walk around town with zero fukcs given and own it. If you refuse to pull that off, and you want this dress, let me tell you that you will have a complicated relationship with it.  

I'm still debating over it, I like the style but not the fit. I might wash it and hot air dry and hopefully it will shrink two sizes down so I can wear it again. If not, then I have new sheets! 

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What I Wore: 
Steve Madden High Heel Sandals (sold out) Similar here, here, here, or here.
Banana Republic Choker Necklace

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