How to Get an Easy Hair Style - Diamond Hair Straightener

Hi guys! If you've been following me on my social media channels or personally know me, you know I don't have the time and patience to fuzz about  my hair and I love practicality. I kid you not but up until two weeks ago, I did not own a hair straightener and the struggle was real when I would get ready for work every morning and woke up with bangs and hair with a mind of their own.

Because of some cool job perks, our amazing MUA/friend fixed my hair a couple of times a week, and helped me keep my hair on point... she's not there anymore so basically I was left with not so cute hair for a while until I got this AMAZING Diamond Hair Straightener from Irresistible Me.
But First, My Hair Factst: 
- I have a LOT of hair.  It takes forever to style it, and a eternity if I try to do it myself. 
- My hair texture is straight and wavy (yes, that's a texture and it means frizzy when it feels like it).
- Sometimes I sleep with humid hair and wake up looking like Medusa. I braid it that day.
- I prefer to air dry it but not the best idea. 
- I can easily get cool waves when I put it in a bun when it's about 90% dry. Ditch the bun in 1-2 hours and I get natural waves. 
- It rarely holds a hot-styled curl. 
- It looks better straight or naturally waved. 
- I still haven't learned how to wave my hair with a hair straightener. Will keep Trying. 

I was asked to be honest about my review and I am: I opened the package, and inside was a beautiful, sturdy black box with a magnetic closing which kept the hair straightener safe while in transit. Even the small details make a difference, I think. I opened the black box, I looked at it, Snapchated it, and based on previous experiences with other hair tools, I feared for my forehead, shoulders and neck's safety thanks to my not so gracious hair styling techniques.

I finally used it this past week and I really think it's amazing because it's easy to use, heats up super fast and because who doesn't love crushed diamond particles.  

Here are the main reasons why:
  • Because it heats up to 450F in about 10-15 seconds. The time it takes to heat up comes in super handy when you have zero patience to wait for a machine to create miracles on your hair, and because it saves time while you get ready for work or school or that last minute party you're about to crash. 
  • You also have full control of the temperature with just a click of the intelligent heat button and the temperature is always visible. This comes in handy in my case because my bangs don't need scorching hot temperatures. 
  • Another thing I loved about the Diamond Hair Styler is that it left my hair super sleek and mega shiny thanks to the featured DIAMOND Hi-Tech which coats the ceramic plates with crushed diamond particles mixed with tourmaline. <<< Hair science stuff.
  • It took me about 20 mins. to get sleek shiny hair and surprisingly not dents! 
  • You are going to love it!
Next, I promise to learn how to wave my hair with a straightener, if I get impatient there's always the Sapphire 8 in 1 curler.  

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 for life according to my phone. 

Thank You, Irresistible Me for sponsoring this post. 

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