Gold Boots and Long Vests

Remember my gold Zara boots from Snapchat? Well, I finally got to wear them this past weekend and I am in LOVE! I swear you guys, I want to wear them with everything including my pajamas because they're so awesome, I can't wait till the weather gets a bit warmer so I can rock them with dresses, shorts and skirts. So stoked about them! I just threw them on with this outfit but to be honest I didn't love it as I thought I would when I pictured the outfit in my head. Because the jeans are cropped, I feel that it made me look short but then again, fashion is always a hit and miss! 
What do you think, yay or nay? x0x0 - Faby

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 for life according to my phone. 
 What I Wore: 
Zara Gold Boots (sold out)
Very J Long Trench Vest
Topshop Blouse
Zara Jeans

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