Life's Golden Rules According to Shamelessly Fabylous

Remember, these are my rules, but since I'm Shamelessly Fabylous, I'll let you adopt them as you please. 

1. Live and let live. - Your neighbor is a cross dresser? OMG the world will definitely come to an end because of that, and you will soon die a slow horrible death if you cross paths with them! Shit! For all you know your neighbor has cuter clothes than you do so live with the fact, and raid his or her closet! 

2. Don't gossip, just don't; IT'S NOT CUTE.  - I've always said I should have been born a dude. I truly dislike gossip, you know the type of gossip when girls huddle in lame little groups in the bathroom and talk about Becky's big ass. Then you notice one of your little minions has toilet paper hanging out of her skirt? Yeah, the one that her fiancée is screwing up on? Yes, her!  Gotta love it! 

3. Help thyself then help thy neighbor. - That's how you say it right? Okay, this one I'm so guilty about not helping myself. I swear I'm a walking disorganized chaos in heels, and I'm always trying to help others before getting my shit together. At least I know I have to help myself so I'll leave it as a golden rule and maybe use it once in a while... I guess. 

4. Wear statement making, head turning gold clothes and pretend you are an Oscar statue on any given day. You see, I follow my own golden rules as you can tell by my Zara dress in the pictures above haha :) 

5. Wear cute BUT comfy  shoes -  like I did with my Public Desire Bree Shoes above. Yes, you will not get any younger and if you want to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, then wear the highest, most uncomfortable heels made available to you, and I'll see you with a cute walker or with your hot new wheelchair in Miami after you retired your sky-high uncomfy heels. I'll still be getting my tan on!  

6. Be true to yourself and others. - This one is a very important rule and let me tell you why... Because my "dear," "babes," "sweetie," "lovelies," I can see right through your hypocritical fake ass words that you don't use in your regular vocabulary with people you actually interact with in real life, so PLEASE explain to me why the fukc do you do it on social media? It's not cute especially when we know you don't use those words to refer to others. It's funny because I am actually a very lovey-dovey  type of person, and happen to use the word babe and babes with almost everyone I am close to, and so it happens that some of these people all of a sudden start using these words on social media and I don't  know how  to react! Like did they suddenly have a lobotomy, or did they take a secret social media class and I missed the memo? So please babe,... don't be a fake unless it's your fake eyelashes please.  

7. Wear a  signature lipstick and nail color -Mine is red and I LOVE IT! It's an instant shitty face pick me upper. I swear red lips can get you far in life, try it and you'll love it. I've always worn red lipstick but was introduced to Sephora's lip stain #1 by two very dear friends of mine, and it's not black but I've never gone back gurl! My nails are almost always red because it's a classic color that I never get bored of. I tend to change it a bit during the summer but I always tend to choose the red and could probably even smell the color if I was blindfolded. 

8. Don't save your money for a rainy day. - Okay maybe a little bit, but you won't be a  rich bitch six feet under. So if you work hard for your money the play hard with it! 

9. Read at least one book a month. - Seriously, I don't care if it's the cheesiest book, a classic or a 'how to read for dummies' book. It will definitely spark a conversation when you don't have anything smart to say, you will seem literate, cultured and well educated with a book in your hand, you will learn new words, and you will actually make your brain work a bit more than if you watch TV while your neurons die slowly.

10. Don't diet. - It's probably the most stressing shit that life will hand to you. I have never seen a happy person who is on a diet. Just try to eat healthy food, but always incorporate wine and chocolate in your healthy diet. Juicing will not work, I've seen so many people try this and I swear they gain the weight back as soon as they sneeze. Don't starve yourself, your muscles will turn into blobby yellowish fat, and don't count all your calories unless you are some type of Olympic athlete. Instead, try to eat healthy, add more greens to your diet and less white starchy foods. I swear I just turned into a nutritionist as I am writing this post! 

Anyway, these are just a few golden rules, whenever I feel like it, I will add more of my Shamelessly Fabylous golden rules. In the meantime, check out the links to my outfit below! x0x0 Faby 

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