Layering Clothes Like a Pro

Hola! Do you remember in my previous 'Lust for Blush' post I had mentioned  to stay tuned for an upcoming outfit? Well, this is it! I love layering but this time around it automatically happened due to the weather conditions. Some of you guys asked me on Instagram if I was wearing two skirts. Well, no I wasn't, I was just to darn cold to take off my dress and shirt so I just threw on a sweater, left my Public Desire Chloe boots on, layered a denim skirt over the dress and left it unbuttoned for a pleated underskirt effect. 

So no, it's not 2 skirts, or a denim pleated skirt, I'm wearing the same dress I wore on my Lust for Blush post but totally transformed it! Cool right? Layering your clothes is the best thing because if it becomes too hot during the day, you can pretend you're the best stripper out there, and slowly remove layer by layer. On the other hand, if it's super cold, you can keep all your layers on and keep cozy in an effortless way. 

So what do you think? Yay or Nay? 

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 for life according to my phone.

What I Wore: Public Desire Chloe Boots. Similar here, here, here and here
Sweater and Dress (old)
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