Weekends are for Bootie Call

Weekends are for doing whatever the heck we want or nothing at all right?! Well this 3-day weekend was one of those... I catched up with friends, edited my closet, ran some errands and of course, I took these babes out for a much needed bootie call. Get your mind out of the gutter babe, as if! 

You guys, if there's one thing I love is shoes, yup just like everyone else and there mother BUT, I literally plan my outfits around my shoes, and they must always have a name because each style has it's unique personality; I swear! Let me introduce you to these Shamelessly Fabylous boots; Kay, K for killing it! I am enamored with them, I've been literally wearing them quite a lot for the past two weeks with everything you could think of. With this #ootd I paired them with a vintage hat, faux fur jacket, basic white blouse and jeans. Here I teamed them with a dress and jacket, what outfit do you like the best? 

What would you wear these Public Desire booties with? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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 for life according to my phone. 

What I Wore: 
Public Desire UK Kay Ankle Boots
Topshop Blouse
Missguided Faux Fur Jacket
Vintage Newsboy Cap
Ralph Lauren Belt
Jeans: Old

Get the Look:

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