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It doesn't matter how aesthetically extravagant, elegant or modest a hotel can be, personally I think it always comes down to the hospitality and service offered by the personnel. Game strong for Rancho Tecate Resort, the minute we stepped into the lobby at 11 pm on a Thursday, we were welcomed by two team members with warm smiles despite the cold freezing weather. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but anything under 50 farenheit, I consider freezing weather. They helped with our luggage (Surprisingly I packed sparingly, so you're welcome dudes), they guided us to our room, gave us a bit of info. of the place, and wished us a good night.  

First thing I notice after they left was a letter on the white fluffy bedspread that I was dying to slip into. I read it, and thought about how tasteful, cultured and welcoming this gesture was.

It's amazing how while being a guest at Rancho Tecate there aren't any set schedules or routines. Time just stops and allows you to enjoy yourself, and to mentally and physically relax without trying to do so. I did get my adventures on snap chat and I did take pictures of everything and anything like a crazy woman, but  in my defense that's what city life teaches you.  If you missed my snaps and Instagram pics, then feel free to read about my adventures below.



Woke up a bit later than usual, opened the curtains and cursed the cloudy weather. I had two options; go back to bed because at the end of the day I was there to rest and bed equals rest, or carpe diem, so I did. Had a cup of coffee, took a shower and actually had a real breakfast that didn't consist of coffee and more coffee; breakfast was amazing by the way, and the service was even better! The hotel offers a buffet breakfast on a daily basis and it's seriously perfect. Not too many overwhelming entrees but just enough to make you want to taste a few of their carefully selected dishes, fruits, cheeses and pastries. I had fresh fruit, a veggie omelet with salsa made with the chili peppers directly from their garden, chilaquiles, a quesadilla with chorizo (fresh hand made corn tortilla of course), and more of my daily caffeine fix.

After breakfast we took a walk that ended up feeling like a mini excursion. We came upon a beautiful, picturesque lake full of cute ducks getting their tan on. We continued on our way and found a spot in nature consisting of huge boulders and ended up taking in a beautiful view of the ranch and the mountains surrounding it. Okay that lasted for about 30 mins. because I am easily bored and the sound of nature was killing me slowly.

We continued with our walk then headed back to our room to get ready for dinner at a restaurant in the heart of Tecate; El Lugar de Nos. Food and service were okay. I did love the chocolate volcano cake and after we devoured it, we were served  a second one, house courtesy. Yes, we ate it also.



The second day was better than the first because we were somewhat acquainted  with the grounds. After breakfast we decided to explore the entire place or at least we thought we would, but it takes more than two, three days to do so; it's immense! Since the ranch is never ending we got a map of the place and drove around the surrounding mountains. The personnel did offer to take us on a tour, but being the Mexicans that we are and thinking we are full of super powers, we decided to explore on our own. Our initial plan was to go to a marked viewing spot shown on the map, but we sort of totally deviated from the trail and somehow ended up sharing our breathtaking view with horses, a cow and a bunch of goats. These creatures are safely taken care of way up in the mountains and unless you drive or hike up there, you'll never see them roaming the grounds; thank god!

We finally made it to the trail that would take us to the viewing place and when we saw the locked gate that lead to the viewing spot we were like... SHIT! We should've totally taken up the offer of the tour, man! But in all fairness we did find another breathtaking view on an  opposite mountain. After that experience, we drove back down to the main grounds, and to our surprise they had a horse show going on, and the beautiful country setting gave everything the perfect touch. Horses are my favorite animals so that alone made the afternoon superb!

After the show, we went to buy a bottle of wine (which  was made with Rancho Tecate's 2012 harvest), a baguette and fresh made fruit spreads across the street and went back to the surrounding mountains to watch the sunset. Oh my god you guys! Our sunset watching plan was a complete fail,  FAIL I tell you! First of all, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west right? Well duh Sherlock! Our usual sunset viewings are usually done at the beach and we had a huge brain fart. Guess what? The stupid mountains were totally blocking the sunset! Well whatever, we did get to see a bit of the sunset for about 30 seconds before it hid behind the glowing mountain. The wine in our glasses made the experience 10 times better!

After sunset we sat by the outdoor fireplace, enjoyed a glass of wine and had dinner at Puerta Norte; the hotel's restaurant. Dinner was succulent and my dessert was perfection.


Our third day at Rancho Tecate was my favorite but sadly it was also our last day there.  Our Sunday funday started off perfect with a succulent Baja Med brunch which consisted of an array of dishes that included spit-roast piglet; delicious! After breakfast we went on a horse ride and to my dismay finalized our stay  in Rancho Tecate.  

You guys, this place is seriously amazing. I'll be honest, when we first booked our stay, I thought I would be spending most of the time in our room relaxing and maybe going out to eat; I was obviously mistaken. Everything about this place is perfect except the lighting in my room! My room had only one window to let the sunshine in, and the lamps in the room throw more shade than anything but I managed (I'm super blind guys!), other than that no complaints whatsoever. The decoration was also one of my favorite things, the tiled walls, the floors and the entire country setting welcomes you and makes you feel at home. Next time a suite is a must for us!

If you've been following my  blog and other social media platforms you might have figured out by now that I'm a beach girl. Anything having to do with snow, camping, hiking or any outdoorsy non-beach related places is NOT my thing except my frequent trips to Valle de  Guadalupe, however this place exceeded my expectations and it's probably one of the only places I will go back to to get in touch with my non-nature side.  Although I would love to go back during the summer to get the full on experience and enjoy the pool, the weather (yes super hot weather that I thrive on), the wine tasting directly from their vineyard that welcomes you when you arrive, and a longer horse ride will be a necessity! 

We booked our stay to celebrate my husband's birthday, however this place is not only perfect for couples, but for the entire family. They offer so many activities such as cycling (hotel guests can  borrow the bikes they have), hikes, horse riding for all ages although we did find out children must be 1.5 meters to be allowed to ride by themselves... lakes, a waterfall, vineyards and amazing, breathtaking views. This place is a must and no, this is NOT a sponsored post! 

See you soon, Rancho Tecate and thank you for an AMAZING time!

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