Las Vegas MAGIC Trade Show 2015

For most mortals when Las Vegas comes to mind so does partying, gambling, shopping, endless nights and amazing food; it's not called Sin City in vain right?  

This time around I didn't pay tribute to Sin City, my thoughts and actions were as angelic as the angels guarding the Caesar's Palace! All I  had in mind was the MAGIC Trade Show that has been hosted twice a year in Las Vegas for the past 20 years since 1995. 

I was elated when I was invited to attend as a fashion blogger, and also as a brand ambassador for the e-commerce company I work for; ModMerica Group. My goal was to acquire new vendors for both ModMerica's brands, and acquire retail and marketing knowledge through the many seminars offered at MAGIC. Let me tell you not only did I acquire the knowledge and new vendors, I also acquired foot blisters, dry skin, a shitty mood, partial dehydration and a tremendous dislike towards many of the taxi drivers that take advantage of the tourists with their steep prices and self-tipping as if it was there given birth right! That would be another blog post but nobody got time for that! 

DAY 1:  PROJECT Women's and POOLTRADESHOW at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center 

Cynthia Rowley's designs have the perfect balance between high style and carefree ready-to-wear separates. Although she resides in New York, her Fabylous designs represent the easy going West Coast lifestyle I am enamored with, making her one of my fave designers. Not only does she design beautiful dresses and separates, her swim and sports wear lines are to die or sweat for!

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past years, you must know all about the iconic "Morning After Bag" that sparked Rebecca Minkoff's career as a handbag designer. Given the fact that she's an amazing, unstoppable woman, she went on to design a global lifestyle brand with a wide selection of clothing, footwear, handbags, accessories and jewelry within a few years after introducing her first handbag. Her much sought after designs are amongst celebrity's and blogger's favorites.

What can I say about Chiara Ferragni that you already don't know? A beautiful, blonde Italian girl that became an instant sensation in the bloggersphere world soon after starting her fashion blog; The Blonde Salad in 2009.  Since then she has become a household name within the fashion industry, a fashion designer, entrepreneur, spokesperson, and author within the many talents she possesses. Her flirty footwear collection is a representation of her bubbly, fun personality that has paved the way to her global success; you go girl! 

Barbara Giganti, Stephanie from @MyFauxBlog and Myself.

I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara Giganti when her AH-MAZING, excellent quality, Italian handbags caught my wandering eyes! Her rock star personality didn't stay behind, and she made us feel like the most important people at MAGIC! Her personality exudes the aesthetics of her designs; a perfect balance between polished, feminine and glam rock. The excellent craftsmanship and supple leathers in an array of colors and styles, quickly made her designs one of my must-haves for this upcoming Fall season. My fave: The red cross-body chain strap bag I fell hard for. So guess what... time to start saving girls! 

Our day ended with blackberry mojitos at Caesar's Palace. They quenched our thirst in the 108 Farenheit scorching hot weather that felt more like 120 Farenheit; hence my partial dehydration!

DAY 2: SOURCING at MAGIC and SHOPTHEFLOOR at the Las Vegas Convention Center 

Welcome to MAGIC, been there, done that! 
My MAGIC Trade Show Recommendations: 
  • Wear flats! You will walk, walk, and forever keep walking.
  • Wear comfy clothes,  but still manage to look polished and fashion forward; afterall, it is a fashion trade show! 
  • Bring your business cards
  • Bring a notepad for important follow up notes.
  • Attend the seminars, so much valuable information to inhale.
  • Bring a tote bag for all the look books you'll be bombarded with.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle.
  • Don't be afraid to ask all questions, and start a convo with the vendors, you never know when the next business opportunity will arise. 
  • You will get very tired, but still manage to keep a smile on your pretty face, it will be your best accessory!

A little junk food never killed nobody!


 #FromWhereIStand - View from the Las Vegas Stratosphere, it was breathtaking!

With the one of a kind, amazing Stephanie Escobar from @MyFauxBlog

 Next Stop... NYFW SS2016!
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