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Hi guys, I'm back from Vegas! I've been a bit busy for the last month, trying to catch up on my blog, instagram, and what not, planning two birthday parties for my son; he just turned 7! Tiime flies and as I see him become a young boy I get bittersweet feelings. He's an AH-MAZING kid, talks way too much, uses long-ass words that bore the shit out of me although I always pretend I'm the most interested person in his convos, ask all the right questions and make him feel like the most important person in the universe; because he is! 

Anyway,  I also just got news from  one of my  besties that she has been accepted to the Uni she's been wanting to go to... when she gave me the great news, I was so happy and so many thoughts came to my mind, it obviously didn't hit me until late Friday night when I almost hyper ventilated. I am beyond proud of her, super elated, and super sad though! It's a love hate relationship I have with  her upcoming departure, but it is what it  is, and it's all for her best! 

Soon I'll post all about my Vegas trip I took, and the MAGIC convention show I attended, it was amazing!... Stay tuned!  x0x0 - Faby

What I'm Wearing: 
Zara Lace-Up Blouse
Arizona Suede Birkenstocks
Round ModDeals Sunnies
Vintage Suede Shorts
Emm Kuo Black Python Clutch

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