Burning Bridges

Hi guys, I had totally forgotten I had taken these pictures, but only because I was a bit traumatized after setting foot on this bridge! The plan was to get a couple of #ootd pics, have a good time, and then go get a bite to eat... well drastic change of plans as you can see by my face! As soon as I set foot on the bridge I completely froze, frozen I tell you!

I can assure you I am not afraid of heights, and never have been. Back in the day, I was a flyer in my high school's cheer team for three years, have been on top of the world (at least I've felt that way) a couple of times, and always on a constant caffeine high which totally counts as a general height. I felt so scared and numb, I couldn't even take a step forward or backward.  I looked down and saw cars driving by at faster than lighting speed pretending to be wannabe Evil Knievel, on top of that there were huge ass trucks driving by and the shape of the the tunnel didn't help a bit. 

The best part of it all was, I felt a tremendous amount of fear; fear of losing my balance for some inexplicable reason because you really don't lose your balance and fall to your death while wearing Birkenstocks! Let me tell you that the fear I felt actually made me feel alive, well and kickin' it, it made me realize how freakin' AH-MAZING my life is, how much I value it, and how thankful I am that I have it, and in good health. Well by now, you should know I don't get scared easily because I'm Shamelessly Fabylous, so guess what guys....? I conquered my fear, walked across the bridge and back, and of course my babe and I shared an " I DID IT BIOTCHES!!!" moment. 

Have you guys ever felt a huge amount of fear for anything? Or... what is your biggest fear beside wasting an amazing outfit on an insignificant day? Talk to me! x0x0 - Faby

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What I Wore:
Birkenstock Sandals
Faux Leather Shorts
ModDeals T Shirt 
Hipster for Sisters Chain Strap Bag
F21 Jacket
Sephora Lipstain in #01

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