How To Be Fabulous

According to Me. 
Being Fabylous  is a given birth right; you were either born with it, or you weren't. Being Faby-lous [fab-yuh-luh s] is not only an adjective: (amazing, exceptionally good or unusual; superb, incredible) but a state of mind. Learn which rules to follow and which ones to brake, and always trust your instinct!

You spilled your coffee on your shirt? Who cares, laugh and turn it backwards then start a new trend! Don't fret the small stuff. Eat chocolate for dinner, drink wine for breakfast, and have ice-cream for lunch. If you fail at something, laugh and start all over; Rome wasn't built in one day, and your new Faby-lous personality won't be either! 

 "Personality begins where comparison ends." -Karl Lagerfeld.

 If everything about you and about your life screams normal, keep reading.
  • Wake up, and skip the coffee. Wine is a great way to start your morning, you'll get a full serving of fruit for breakfast, and you'll start your day with a messy hair, don't care attitude. Do this especially on Mondays and take a breath mint, or two. 

  • Live life on your own terms, on any given day, wear the most expensive piece of clothing you own, and team it with Converse. Who cares!
She's fabylous.
  • Don't be a fake, (fake eyelashes and boobs are okay). If you want to be cheesy, be cheesy, if you didn't find that stupid fat joke funny, then don't laugh. Do everything because you feel like it, and not because you are expected to. (Doesn't apply at work or school.) - Always speak  your truth!
  • Don't be scared to be called a bitch; be a nice bitch. Some of us have been labeled bitches, but I can honestly say I've taken it as a compliment; I've earned that title.) - Don't be a mean bitch with the ongoing mean attitude towards people and life, just be determined with a charismatic attitude. It's human nature to only want to hear the sugar-coated stuff. If you speak your mind or the truth, you'll immediately be labeled a bitch. Again, who cares! Being a nice bitch is kind of like learning how to pick your battles, same rules apply with being a nice but charismatic bitch. Learn when and how. - Be strong and show courage, be a leader and not  a follower!

  • Don't use the dreaded words: 'I don't know'; especially in front of your boss or kids. Google is your friend, it won't get you free drinks like your slutty friend (we all have one)on a girl's night out, BUT it will enlighten you on how to get free drinks when your friend is MIA. - Learn more than required!
  • Compliment people, magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses. Don't be a party pooper. - Inspire others by  your bigness!
  • Cliche, but be happy! There are so many things to be happy about. The fact that you are breathing should make you happy. If you're truly not happy, either find something that makes you smile and a tiny bit happy, a shrink, a happy pill, have sex, and if all else fails, find the nearest bridge and you know what to do. - Release  all your mediocrity!  

  • If you don't mean it, don't apologize. What are you sorry for; you sneezed? We're sure the world will come to an end because you sneezed. Apologize and mean it when you truly mess up; like the time you burned your friend's expensive bag with a lit cigarette in your drunken state.
  • Be determined to get what you want, and try never to take NO for an answer. Either learn how to debate objectively to get what you need, or be miserable. You want 10% off on a much needed bag? Point out that microscopic scratch on the metal hardware and  remind the sales associate that the bag is last season. 
  • Don't bring down others with a moping and martyr attitude, and don't let others bring you down with their worth-less self attitude, run fast. If you need to weep, weep Chanel No5.!

  • Be confident about yourself and what you do. You either do an amazing job at whatever your little heart desires, or don't do it at all. You have to do the dishes? Suds up baby! You  have to give a speech, leave everyone speechless with your knowledge, and have them clapping for more! You want to cut your hair? Cut it, it will grow back!
  • Do your own thing. Everyone at the office is going to Narnia but you want to  go to Neiman's? Well then go to Neiman's and shop till your bank account hates you.  You'll be happy, and hear all about Narnia the next day.

  • Don't slow down for anything or anyone. You and your BFF had life long dreams of going to Harvard but she wasn't accepted? Oops, her bad! Maybe she'll get accepted to her city college. Do you really want to see your life dreams and goals crumbled to ground zero because your friend is not smart enough? NOOOOO! Promise to Skype or Facebook her, but don't snooze.
  • Be nice, tolerant and helpful to others. Pay it forward, and always remember karma IS a bigger bitch than you are. 
  • Laugh like you mean it! Not that cute giggle you mastered to attract the opposite gender, but that whole-hearted contagious laugh that can cheer up anyone's day.

  • Learn how to say No. Not the bimbo "Noooo... stop it!' - But, NO! No, you don't want to be part of girl's night out because you want to stay in and read the end of that amazing book, or No because you want to stay home with your husband and have amazing sex. 
  • Always shine. Wear sequins! 

  • Don't settle for the other pair of shoes. Calling in late to work because you can't find your other rain boot is valid. If you get the 3rd degree from your cool ass boss, explain that if your feet get wet  in 60° degree rainy weather, you will get pneumonia, and  will have to call in sick; calling in late is always better than calling in sick.  
  • Never envy another's success. They are obviously successful because they learned or were born Faby-lous! Always be yourself, and do whatever you want!

What's your idea of Fabylous?

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